the white bear

The White Bear you see today was originally a row of 15th and 16th century workers' cottages and a small end-of-terrace pub. Now joined as one building, which was extended to the rear in the 1970s, the inn maintains an old world charm thanks to its quirky interior layout.

Divided into a number of small rooms each seating around 25 people, The White Bear also boasts three open fireplaces which are always roaring away in the winter and do a great job of making the old place warm and cosy. There's something fascinating to discover around every corner, like our little golden friends in the fish tank or our fearsome wooden bear, hand-carved for us by a customer. Look closely and you might even find the inscriptions on two of our beams left by two workers from the 16th and 18th centuries.

As a Grade II listed building in the Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we're under strict rules to keep The White Bear as true to its heritage as possible.

While some things have inevitably changed over the centuries, you'll still find it complete with all the low beams, uneven flagstones and wonderful nooks and crannies you'd expect in a 500-year-old inn. We even have our own resident ghosts – that's right, not just one but two! Find out more here.

In warmer weather, our large garden and non-smoking terrace are the best places you could spend a sunny afternoon – you can even order sandwiches and snacks from our Burger Shack, just by the pond. There's enough seating for 240 people so you'll almost always find a space, whether you prefer a picnic table where you can soak up the rays or a shady spot under our wooden gazebo. At the front of the pub you can pull up a chair alongside our mascot, the White Bear, who has plenty of tales to tell. Read about him here.

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